• Context

    Chamet doesn't have direct agents, any agent is someone's sub-agent, beware of anyone telling you that he will make you direct agent.

  • Tasks

    Any Chamet Agency gets commission (as explained in previous section) if they invite new agencies, when you will become Chamet agent you can also invite or add your sub-agents. Make sure you talk to them and help them manage their Chamet Agency also explain to them every detail about :

    • Payment details
    • Commission plans
    • How to bind their Chamet Hosts
    •  how to bind new Chamet sub-Agents.

    As there are a lot of cases where people take agency and their agents dont cooperate with them. So choose wisely and choose someone whom you trust.

    We would like to start by giving you a GOLDEN ADVICE, starting your Chamet Agency requires to work smart, a lot of people open new agency with Chamet but they are not really good at it, because they don't know how to manage their Agency and make it Profitable.

    Follow this road map after creating your Chamet Agency :

    1 - First 2 weeks : Focus on Recruiting 20-30 Hosts during the first week, and make sure they are active everyday and explain to them Policies, (what they have to do & what they dont). 

    2 - During 3th & 4th week : Start recruiting Sub-agents, and explain to them everything honestly ( just like what I am doing right now) . But Also keep recruiting Hosts. (You can hire someone to do that for you) 

    3 - After the first Month : You need to reach this target ( 70 Hosts - 30 sub-agents ) keep in mind that your commission will grow week after week. After that you will earn $500 - $ 1500 profit weekly without recruiting new people.

  • Experience Requirement

    At least 3 year(s)

  • Payment Terms

    According to Company Policy

  • Registration Fee


Dead Line Expired


  • App Name

  • Position

  • Type

    project based
  • Salary

    Commission Based
  • Location

    Home Based
  • Deadline

    28 Jul 2022