How To Earn Money From Chamet

How hosts generate income from chamet

There are 3 modes through which hostesses wil earn beans.

  • Video Calls
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Live Broadcast
  • Rewards


The hosts get beans per minute for the video call and the amount of beans per minute ranges from 2000 diamonds ( 1200 beans ) to 20000 diamonds ( 12000 beans ) and it can be adjusted by the host, so if a host does a call for 10 minutes and her call rate is of 2000 diamonds ( 1200 beans ) she will receive 12000 beans for 10 minutes.

The call rate can be reduced any time but can be increased only once per week.
Call rate of 2000 diamonds ( 1200 beans ) is considered as suitable for most new hosts, and it can be changed based on the popularity of hosts.

Video calls are not mandatory on the app, hosts can earn only through gifts, which will be discussed next but video calls are proven to generate an regular source of income, and we encourage our hosts to not just be dependent on the gifts but also should do regular video calls.


An host who aspires to do big targets, should also do targets through gifts, chamet has a lot of good gifting options which include lucky gifts, if a user sends lucky gifts they get a reward in return so a host should ask users to send them gifts and encourage them to try lucky gifts.
gifting is generally done by users publicly, i.e. in multi guest live or live broadcast, however some users like their privacy and send you privately, there are some users who just sends gifts and don't do video calls so the host should welcome these users if they come to their live broadcast and should go to their multi guest lives and talk with them.


Some hosts are not comfortable doing video calls, so they have an option to do live broadcast, where they can interact with the users and can earn beans through gifts, users can play lucky number game only on the multi guest live or live broadcast, so hosts should welcome users who have a good level to their broadcast, and should interact with such users. hosts should encourage users to send them gifts on their live. hosts can connect PK with other hosts, it is a competition and most sending is done in PK. however Live is relatively a new feature on the app and the app is trying to promote it by giving hosts who does live an extra bonus based on the live duration and targets. the hosts right now may not get good beans in live but it plays a vital role in making you popular on the app and it will benefit you indirectly.


The app daily distributes 15lachs beans to top 5 hosts, so the hosts should aim to be in the top to get the reward.